Roam Free Guarantee

When you need us, we’ll always be here, but if you want to move on, we won’t tie you down

Two of the most common concerns we hear from potential clients is that they want to make sure we won’t:

  • (A) disappear and leave them high & dry without design/development support, or
  • (B) make it difficult for them to get the files they need to take their branding with them if they decide to use a different design firm.

Although we strive to make every client relationship long and prosperous for everyone involved, we understand that sometimes you just need to move on. We also believe that, regardless of the reason for your decision, taking care of the customer extends even beyond the last invoice.

Therefore, we pledge never to abandon you, and to make it easy for you to roam. Our Roam Free Guarantee™ means that if at any point, for any reason, you decide to use a different (or additional) source for your branding & design needs, Out West Branding will deliver any & all existing artwork, files and/or assets to you to make sure your transition is an easy one. In addition, we will never disappear mysteriously along with the digital brand equity you worked so hard to create with us.